About Us

dineNET is the latest offering from Purple-I Technologies, the premier IT solutions provider for the retail and hospitality industry. dineNET is designed to provide restaurants and take-away outlets with an online tool to take orders via the internet.

As access to the internet improves, more and more people are using the web to order goods and services. In the past due to the high setup and maintenance costs involved, only the big companies have been able to provide this service to their customers. Now with dineNET anyone can provide an online ordering facility to their customers, without spending a huge amount of money, initially setting up and then maintaining this service.

How does it work?

1. You register with dineNET and provide your company details and menu.
2. We will then setup your system (eg. register a FREE domain, upload your menu, create your banner, integrate to Purple-I RMS etc)
3. Once the online order system is ready to go, your orders will sent to your RMS Printer Directly, and as a backup it will also be sent by e-mail.
4. You can manage your customer database via RMS BackOffice 24 hours a day